6 Ways To Look More Masculine

how to look more masculine

Everybody knows that beards make them look more masculine but mustaches make them look creepy with an undisputed scientific fact. But there are some dudes who just can’t grow a beard. So, does that mean they can’t look more masculine, absolutely not.

We are going over six simple things any single one of you can do in order to have a more masculine-looking face which does not involve the growth of facial hair. But with that being said if you can grow facial hair than that is the quickest and easiest way to add structure and dimension to your face and look more masculine. You can check out the best beard kits for your beard if you are growing your beard out.

1. Hair off your forehead

how to look more masculine

It is all about showing forehead and also about angularity creating an illusion that your face has more structure. If you are rocking a soft hairstyle which is covering your forehead which is actually making your face look softer and softer angles look more feminine. We would recommend to go bit littler on the sides by having a fade cut and give your upper hair a little bit of lift and volume.

2. Have natural eyebrows

how to look more masculine

You need to make sure that you are leaving a natural shape possible and you should never touch any of the hair above of eyebrows. And make sure are removing the excess hair between your eyebrows so that you don’t have a unibrow but don’t go too far. If you want to have a thicker eyebrow you can simply do nothing without brows but you can also remove some hairs under your eyebrows but it’s totally up to your personal preference.

3. Wear a nice watch

how to look more masculine

You gotta understand that if you want to an alpha male than it’s all about status and wearing a nice watch is the strongest status signals and showing people that you are important and your time is value. And the beautiful thing about watches is that anybody wear this. It does’t matter that your an important or busy guy, you can give the illusion by purchasing a beautiful watch.

And the great this is that with Fossil watches you don’t have to break the bank. This is what we love about fossil that you can look more masculine by purchasing the watch without spending thousands of dollars.

4. Develop jaw muscles

how to look more masculine

Your jaw muscles are also like any other muscles in your body and the more you work them they will become stronger. And the simple solution to grow your jaw muscles by is chewing gums and if you start to chew on regular basis its actually going to build the muscles in your jaw. Chewing gum regularly also strengthens and tones all the muscles in your lower jaw area. So, it’s a great a idea if you are one wants to look more masculine than chew gum everyday.

5. Be a Gentlemen

You need to be a gentlemen not a nice guy. Nice guys are actually do things and want appreciation from others but that’s not nice its actually greedy and self seeking and that’s why women hate nice guy. However you should be gentlemen these are the men that are polite and kind to others not because they want something from others but they genuinely care about the needs who are around them. That protective instinct makes you alpha men and look more masculine.

6. Grow muscles

You had to get stronger this is not a trick now most of the ways mentioned are an illusion that you can do to appear stronger and look more masculine but the most tried method to look like an alpha man is to hit the gym and grow muscles. Not only the clothes are gonna fit perfectly on you but you will surely feel great. And that confidence will transpire into every conversation and interaction to have which is going to make you look more masculine. Not to mention that the muscles itself send a message that you are top-notch.

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