How to change your face shape

change your face shape

You must be worried about whether you are stuck with your face shape for life. But certainly, after researching a lot we have come to the conclusion that you can change your face shape. Everybody out their either if it’s men or women they want to look good and most of them are not happy with their face shape. They all want a chiseled and better-looking face.

The main reason for having a really fat or chubby face is that in this modern age most of the people are not very active they are just doing their work sitting on the chair for so long and having a really bad posture. Excercise is the key all the people if you want to have a slim and chiseled face.

There are 2 things that you can to that can completely change your face shape.

1. Mewing

Let’s talk about what mewing consists of, basically, mewing all about creating certain habits and doing certain facial exercises. It’s all about exercising your jaw, having a right tongue posture. Especially doing facial exercise that consists of taking your tongue and pressing it to the roof of your mouth.

Mewing can actually readjust your jaw bringing it up and forward. It is also about chewing your food thoroughly and making sure that you are working the side muscles of the jaw.

How to Mew :

  1. Stick your lips together
  2. Stick your teeth together
  3. Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth

Doing all this facial exercise is great but in most cases are results are minimal. Some people say that they have tried and it has done wonders and some people say that it didn’t really do much. Mewing does work but in most cases, the results might not be drastic enough so that other people can notice.

2. Lowering body fat percentage

This thing can give you the night and day difference and its really gonna change your face shape. You may have notice with people that their face sometimes look a bit fuller and sometimes very slim and chiseled that all because of body fat percentage.

If you are mewing and doing all the facial exercises but you are not going to see a huge difference until you lower down your body fat percentage.

change your face shape

If you have muscles around your jaw by facial exercises and have fat on top of it. It’s gonna hide all of that so definitely need to lower your body fat percentage to even show all the improvement mewing is doing.

So if you go down to 14-15% body fat than should probably start seeing the difference on your face. Firstly you should lose your body fat and then start mewing because in that way you can enjoy the results. If you have lost the excess body fat in your body and started to mew consistently than this surely will change your face shape.

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