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Better Looking

This is important because we are talking about looks more specifically your looks and how to have a better-looking face. Usually, looks are determined by two things, genetics, and your lifestyle and grooming habits. You cannot alter your genetics but you can surely improve and adjust your grooming habits and lifestyle to look better.

If you think that your face is rough and nothing to look at you don’t need to worry anymore.Because today we are going to show you six ways you never even heard of that a guy can do to have a better-looking face.

1. Sleep well and use eye drops

Better looking eyes

Have you ever heard somebody say that you look tired? Are you tired?. The reason they are saying that because your eyes look all jacked up.Getting quality sleep is very important to look your best because if not you gonna develop dark circles and bags under your eyes.

Dry eyes being tired not sleeping enough or even being dehydrated makes your eye balls to look red and dull.You can make your eyes pop look more attractive and handsome if the whites of your eyes are brighter and clearer.And a way to do that is make sure your eyes are hydrated and the best way to do that is to use eye drops. You can use eyes drops to fight tiredness and redness in your eyes and have a better looking face.

2. Have a perfect skin

If you suffer from dry skin, oily skin, acne, blemishes or any sort of other imperfection on your skin is gonna detract handsomeness from your face. You need to work towards addressing your skin problems daily. You also need to understand that there are no one size fits of skincare. All gonna boil down towards your skin type and skin problem because that is going to dictate what products you should be using.

Don’t even think that you gonna buy some kind of magical products and your skin will be good overnight. Once you go to a department store try different products and see which combo of products works best on your skin type. You need to do skincare every single day and stay consistent to have flawless-looking skin. You could use some glowing products and serums to enhance your skin complexion.

3. Drink more water and avoid sodium

When you eat to much salt and not enough water than your body starts retaining water because it wants to keep it hydrated. What you need to do is cut out of sodium so that water retention stops also drink more water so you can flush more water out of your body. This is important because your face will not end up looking chubby.

You should drink not less than a gallon of water a day and one of the amazing things you will notice that your face will start to look better, your complexion will get more clear and the dark circles under your eyes will start to diminish. And the most amazing thing about consuming more water is that you will eventually start to lean out.

4. Wash your face daily

Everyday you need to wash your face to remove the dirt, grime and make sure you are not having bunch of excess oil. Before you leave the house you should be applying a moisturizer with an SFP of at least 20. So if you do nothing else guys these two things will make a dramatic impact on how you look. Wash your face and moisturize those two things are going to be a game changer to give you a better looking face.

5. Stick with classic sideburns

You need to avoid any tacky, weird eye sideburns with a lot of designs that look super out dated. What you want is a classic sideburns that ends right around the mid ear and there are couple of ways to this.Firstly, you can always connect with your beard or get a fade. Instead of cutting your sideburns straight give them a little bit of angle. This angle is nice because it helps follow to contour of the jaw. It also gonna add balance and finish off the hairstyle.

6. Build more muscles

better looking

Researches show that working out increases your testosterone level. When the testosterone levels is up your bone structure gets more define and chiseled. The other upside of working out and eating healthy is that when your body fat is reduced, the amount of skin you have will eventually to diminish.

When you start to exercise and lose fat the first difference you gonna notice is in your face. Your jaws are gonna more structured, cheekbones gonna look more pronounced because your cheeks aren’t gonna be so chubby and fat.

7. Use a metal roller

better looking

This is an amazing tip and you can buy this very cheaply. Once you buy it throw it in a freezer and once it is cold and use it on your face. What is does it overall reduces the inflammation on your face that makes your face a bit chubbier. It is used to reduce the swelling on your face and it can bring back definition on your face and your jawline to make you look more structured and handsome.

Best Metal rollers

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