5 Best clay for thicker hair

It is difficult to select a great product according to your hair-type..We have come across and selected some of the best products that are perfect for thicker hair because these products have firm hold and also matte finish.We have also found some best hair-dryers for you to style your hair properly

1. Firsthand Texturizing Clay

firsthand clay product

This texturizing clay is designed for texture, fuzzy and relaxed styles. This clay may look heavy on the hands but don’t let the thickness of this clay play your mind. After application the lightweight and smooth formula of this clay will make you feel like there is nothing in your hair, while at the same time providing enough grip to keep your hair smooth and locked throughout the day.kaolin clay, which helps by drying the hair and scalp excessively. Shea Butter helps hair growth and acts as an anti-dandruff and lastly Jojoba Oil moisturizes the scalp and may be a dandruff prevention.

Pros :

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Suitable for shorter hairstyles
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Application

Cons :

  • A bit waxy consistency
  • Least amount of hold
  • Not suitable for longer hairstyles

PRICE : $20

2. Hanz De Fuko Claymation

claymation for thick hair by hanz de fuko

This styling product will always work with you, not against you. An absolutely wonderful “Clay-Wax” made with a touch of QUICKSAND. Claymation contains all natural ingredients, meaning it is perfect for your hair while providing a powerful, “all day” nourishment from the roots to the edges. Provides high absorption and dandruff on the scalp and full texture.Completely water soluble product.Main ingredients for the mud are: JOJOBA OIL Moisturisize the hair and scalp for hair.CASTOR SEED OIL Strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair growth.SUNFLOWER SEED OIL Locks in moisture and helps keep hair healthy and strong.

Pros :

  • Super High Hold
  • Matte Finish
  • Paraben Free
  • Best for Thicker hair

Cons :

  • Odourless might be an issue
  • Clay is not mellable

Price : $23

3. Baxter Of California Hair Clay

Hair Clay of Baxyer Of California for thicker hair

Paraben-hair styling is a paraden of clay infused with natural ingredients, with characteristics such as clay and beewax. Clay Pomade texturize and molds hair into place to deliver a firm, healthy hold. It works well for any hair type. This hairstyle is suitable for all types of long hair and length. The brand has won three product awards for the best hair and makeup style.Recommended for thicker hair.

Pros :

  • Best for all hair-types
  • Firm hold and Matte finish
  • Ideal for texture

Cons :

  • Products stays in even after washing
  • Petroleum based formula

Price : $23

4. Cavalier Clay By BluMaan

Blumaan cavalier hair clay

Cavalier Clay of BluMaan works with your hair to create the perfect texture and texture for the whole day. From classic to creative, you can count on the Cavalier heavyweight to make your hairstyle last all day (or two!) Without the need for any more work. Its denser consistency allows it to control coarse, wavy and thick hair. It nourishes and strengthens your hair with organic oils, natural proteins and amino acids.

Pros :

  • Medium-Heavy weight
  • Great for effortless look
  • Creamy and Smooth

Cons :

  • Not so good hold

Price : $18

5. Smooth Viking Styling Hair Clay

styling clay from smooth viking

Smooth Viking’s Clay has strong ingredients for your hair needs. This Clay is the ideal solution for those with an active lifestyle. If you play sports or get overloaded, this is the best product to prepare for. The matte finish is important when it comes to creating some hair, which is why Smooth Viking has designed this hair attachment to continue without leaving any residue or sheen, giving you the matte look you want. Smooth Vikings Men’s Clay hair works by holding on to the straps and holding them together. This method adds complexity and colors the hair to enhance almost any style and even the look of your head.

Pros :

  • Suitable for all Hair-types
  • Matte finish
  • Perfect for shorter hair
  • Natural Ingredients

Cons :

  • Not recommended for longer hair
  • Very strong smell

Price : $14

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